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Tania Stenbeck was born and raised in Northern Alberta, Canada. She has always had artistic interests, but has had little formal art instruction. Her favorite "artsy" things are photography, Celtic knotwork (painting), and writing. Tania went to Red Deer College and graduated with her Community Rehabilitation Services Diploma in 1999. She is happily married and has 4 children and a family dog, Dallas. She is an Educational Assistant with grades K-6 and enjoys her time working with children.

Her second book, "The Pirate Librarian" is on its second Edition. Illustrations and cover are done by Tania. Great novelette for mid grade 4 and up readers.

Her first published book, A Witch is a Witch...All the Time, is available (first edition September 2009, Second Edition 2016). A little witch has fun in the different seasons. The story shows that even though we are different, we all have our own version of fun! The photography and illustrations (all done by Tania) are unique and beautiful. The photos were taken in Alberta, Canada.  Tania sketched the illustrations, then finished them digitally. Book and artwork are © Tania Stenbeck.

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Copyright © Tania Stenbeck
Photo by Tania Stenbeck

"The Pirate Librarian"


​She carried a vaguely familiar box under her arm as she hummed a song that sounded very old. She started to sing softly:

“Yo, ho, ho, lift the sails,
And fly the flag high,
Take up your swords,
We’ll take our rewards!”

“I know that song!” Jordy clamped his hand over Pete’s mouth. Pete pulled his hand off and whispered, “It’s from a pirate movie I watched!”

Ms. Perroquet glanced their way but seemed satisfied no one was there. It looked like she was going to leave the library, but then she changed her mind and went to a bookshelf. She looked over her shoulder as if she was checking to see if anyone was around, and then she slowly tipped the tops of the pirate I Spy book and a book about castles. The boys felt a whoosh of cool air as the bookshelf beside Ms. Perroquet slid silently open.

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Copyright © Tania Stenbeck